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Re: my try to start a theoretical discussion about a (really) new type of file system

Hi David,

> > Is it basically a good idea to use a RDBMS-like file system instead
> > of ext2?

> Sounds interesting - why don't you try and implement a working model
> so that we can see how it works?

I will do that -- perhaps. But I need to check first, if this is a good idea or
not. If anyone has got any useful comments on this topic: please mail them.

I got no RDBMS programming experience. Therefore the advice of a database
programmer who is experienced in solving database problems related to speed
maybe quite helpful, but that's future yet.

The best way to start would probably be to reuse existing and well tested
RDBMS code. Any suggestions? PostgreSQL seems to be too slow.

I like the idea to think of binaries and libraries as of objects and not as of
files. Many programs need to build their own structure to store data within
files. This would not be necessary any more. The while programming work could be
more consistent and maybe sometimes a bit easier.



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