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Re: Packages removed from frozen

>>"Craig" == Craig Brozefsky <craig@red-bean.com> writes:

 Craig> I think that removing packages for this would be ludicrous.

        Really? Difficult, maybe, politically hard, maybe. but
 ludicrous? That's very narrow minded of you.

 Craig> I can think of two packages which presently cannot be built
 Craig> without themselves which I would be extremely upset if they
 Craig> were removed from Debian; cmucl, and bigloo (although bigloo
 Craig> upstream tarball is dispensed as scheme compiled into C which
 Craig> can be built itself, you cannot modify bigloo source itself
 Craig> and compile it without bigloo).

        So how many packages are we talking about now? I still think
 that any package that requires a circular build depends should be in
 an excempted package list somewhere. In fact, it is so hard to track
 trojans (has everyone forgotten pike hack of the C compiler that
 inserted code in binary copies of itself and login to always allow
 him to login?), that Iwould like to see a list of these packages
 generated for teh Security FAQ.
 Craig> Luckily, I'm pretty damn sure noone would seriously propose
 Craig> these

        Just to prove you are wrog, I.m tempted to do so. If not
 removed, then definitely marked on the security FAQ.

 Craig> packages be removed (bigloo will be removed for other reasons
 Craig> possibly).  I think Debian has plenty of other issues to worry about,
 Craig> and I don't wanna have this one suck up my time.

        So stay out of the discussion. Evil grin. And us others can
 have our way.

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