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Re: installing potato

-> > Maybe the easiest would be check if those files aren't already in defined
-> > directory and if not, then try to follow the hierarchy. It would help to ppl
-> > who download all needed files (drivers, base system) to one directory and
-> > then try to install from it.
-> That won't work for part of the situation I'm describing: if the distribution
-> is not in /debian and is instead in some heirarchy inside, there is no way
-> at all you can predict where an ftp admin will put the debian dist.

hmmm maybe install program could ask for hierarchy od directory with install
files. Maybe I have reasons not to install directly from FTP, NFS mounted
directory etc. I'll download recrue.bin, drivers.tgz and base2_2.tgz to one
directory and let installer use these files. I can't do it now cause when I
define directory where the files reside, install program will add a few
directories after given hierarchy. do i need to put those 3 files to deep
hierarchy just because instal program can't look to excatly that directory ?
(which would be very easy)

-> Once the person installing has -found- it, and has let the install program 
-> to look in that place, that's where the install program should actually 
-> -look- to see what is there instead of -assuming- or guessing that things
-> will be in some particular place. 

exactly and it doesn't ... read above.

-> The way things are now, a short suggestion is made as to where one might
-> possibly find an archive, and in the particular case of dselect's con-
-> figuration of apt's sources.list, it continually forgets what the user
-> typed in before. This behavior is worse than just editing the config:

this has nothing to do with apt or dselect. I am talking about base system,
kernel and drivers.

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