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Re: Leadership Debate

Le Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 05:44:59PM -0700, Jason Gunthorpe écrivait:
> Note the return address on this mail is 'jgg-debate@wakko.deltatee.com'
> please deluge that address with suggested questions :> Oh, try to keep it
> off /. - skript kiddies are not invited!

I hope I'm not too late because I have some questions. It's about QA.

I think that we need better rules for QA. What do they plan to do for QA ?

What do they think about things like that :
- We should enforce that every developer MUST be suscribed to
  debian-devel-announce (and debian-devel-announce must be moderated).
- We should enforce developer to always respond within 15 days or to mark
  themselves as "absent" (using the nice & securized & web accessible
- What about rules for managing critical bugs ? A maintainer should
  always correct a RC bug within a month. If not then NMU are
  allowed. If he really has good reasons for refusing NMU even after this
  delay, he should explain the reasons in a mail sent to the BTS (so that
  people looking at bug reports know about it)
- Will they give the power to a team to orphan packages maintained by
  MIA developers (hopefully with Echelon results) ?
- Will they push forward the new proposed release system (with stable,
  unstable and testing) ?

If you can't push them all in the debate, i'd like that they respond to
the questions later here on debian-vote.

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