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Re: installing potato

-> > when I try to install base system from disk, i define complete path to given
-> > files, I think that devices.tgz and base2_2.tgz don't need to be in
-> > subdirectories like dists/potato/main/disks-i386/etc
-> There are organizational reasons for that. However, a link to the latest
-> disk set might be a good idea, and maybe that should be a link to a farm
-> of links named for architectures to the current disk sets.
-> So maybe under debian/dists/potato, there should be a link called "install"
-> pointing to a dir containing "i386", "alpha", "m68k", "mips", etc that link
-> to main/disks-<arch>/current.

I meaned they don't need to be in such hierarchy on my disk. see below.

-> > i defined full path to subdirectory where following 
-> > and the installation stopped cause it didn't find those dirs... don't you
-> > think that sux ?
-> Yes, I do. In my opinion, the person installing should be able to
-> browse the archive. Maybe everything isn't at /debian, maybe it's at 
-> /pub/linux/distributions/debian (as it is on many mirrors; let me 
-> browse to find it if it's not an official mirror.

Maybe the easiest would be check if those files aren't already in defined
directory and if not, then try to follow the hierarchy. It would help to ppl
who download all needed files (drivers, base system) to one directory and
then try to install from it.

-> > another problem ... after installation i had azerty keyboard. i _did_ define
-> > qwerty :(
-> I noticed that once too. Are you sure you have the latest floppy images?
-> the version number we're trying out now is 2.2.5-2000-01-?? (31?)

it was 2.2.5 ... 

-> > also, when i choose "mount a previously initialized partition" it doesn't
-> > fsck... 
-> Maybe it should ask and then do so if you say yes.

asking is useless, fsck of filesystem is very fast if the filesystem was
last unmounted correctly. just fsck before mounting.

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