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Thierry Laronde <thierry.laronde@polynum.com> writes:

> > Do people also know that you have to padlock your computer's case
> > shut?  That you have to password-protect the BIOS?  That you have to
> > password-protect LILO?  None of these have an obvious prompt, and on
> > some computers may require physical case modifications.
> All that you have cited are *NOT* operating system issues. The BIOS is not
> Debian, the hardware is not Debian, etc...

Well, if LILO is not an OS issue, why is MBR?

> What is asked for is, at least, *DOCUMENTATION*.

And as numerous people, including myself, have pointed out, it already
exists and explains the situation in a sufficient manner.

> Let me remind... I have read that somewhere... Perhaps you can tell :

I'm sorry, is there a problem somehwere?

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