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Pierre Beyssac <beyssac@enst.fr> writes:

> You miss the point. That this can be fixed by configuration doesn't
> mean it's not a security hole in the first place.
> The security hole is that the console is made insecure by default
> without any warning from the installation program. That, in itself,
> would warrant a security advisory.

The console is automatically insecure.  What led you to believe

> On the other hand, nobody knows that you ALSO have to edit the
> boot= line in lilo.conf to remove the dangerous MBR.

Do people also know that you have to padlock your computer's case
shut?  That you have to password-protect the BIOS?  That you have to
password-protect LILO?  None of these have an obvious prompt, and on
some computers may require physical case modifications.

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