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Re: change maintainer

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 05:31:19PM +0900, Ryuichi Arafune wrote:
> 2) I have a plan to build dpsclient, dgs and  dgs-dev from one source (dgs-
>     (Until now, dpsclient is build from another source.)
> 	I am confused now, because the dgs is non-free (including
> 	Aladdine problem)
> 	Which should I do?
> 	A) As previous version, dpsclient and dgs(-dev) should  have different
> 	source.
> 	B) dgs source and dpsclient package are main section, but dgs
> 	and dgs-dev packages are non-free section.
> 	C) dgs source is non-free section, and dgs (and dgs-dev)
> 	packages are non-free section, but dpsclient is main section.

Please use D ;-):

     D) All three packages dpsclient, dgs and dgs-dev build from a single
     source, dgs_0.5.9.1.orig.tar.gz, and all packages go into main.

The old dgs had to be moved into non-free for various copyright reasons. The
DPS client library was included in the dgs source archive, but it is free
and can be useful without the dgs server, therefore the package went into

Now Debian policy doesn't allow that a source package builds packages bot
for main and for non-free, therefore I had to split off the dpsclient source
into a separate tarball.

Now that dgs is free, please merge the package again, so that you have a
single dgs source package in main that builds dgs, dgs-dev and dpsclient,
all for main.


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