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change maintainer


A few days ago, I inherited administration of dgs and dpsclient, etc.

I have some questions. One is a subject related debian policy (?),
the other is a packaging process.

1)  Whom should I inform of this thing?
2) I have a plan to build dpsclient, dgs and  dgs-dev from one source (dgs-
    (Until now, dpsclient is build from another source.)

	I am confused now, because the dgs is non-free (including
	Aladdine problem)

	Which should I do?
	A) As previous version, dpsclient and dgs(-dev) should  have different
	B) dgs source and dpsclient package are main section, but dgs
	and dgs-dev packages are non-free section.
	C) dgs source is non-free section, and dgs (and dgs-dev)
	packages are non-free section, but dpsclient is main section.

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