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Re: intent to package: sendpage

On Tue, Jan 25, 2000 at 10:27:28AM -0500, Preston Smith wrote:
>  I am aware of that, and am looking at what to do about it. As far as I
>  can tell there are two things that can be done:
>  Change the name of the binaries to something like sendpage-client and 
>  sendpaged to remove the name overlap, 
>  or use a Conflicts: dependency, not allow this package to be installed if
>  hylafax-client already is. 
>  Certainly, a Conflicts: would be far easier, but is this an approriate
>  reason to declare a conflict? The packaging manual doesn't seem too clear
>  on if there's reasons that are ok or not to declare a conflict. 

I don't know if the policy allows to set this kind of conflicts, but IMHO,
it shouldn't be permitted, if the packages don't have anything to do between
Maybe alternatives is what you want to use.


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