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XML RedHat and Debian Package Creation

I've been asked by Kevin Fox <bob@thestuff.net> to post to this list 
about an idea of a packaging program to ease the creation of Packages 
for all packaging systems.

The general idea is that a file containing XML would be used to input 
all of the options needed to create a simple package.  Then, a program, 
which has yet to be written, would interpret the XML and create the 
necessary files to create either a RedHat or Debian or other package.  
I realize that there may be some potential problems, but this may prove 
to be a valuable tool.


Joe Debian user has written a piece of software and created a Debian 
Package from the XML, using the software.  He may easily provide a 
RedHat package for others, of which there are obviously many RedHat 
users -- or vice versa.

Please direct replies to Kevin Fox at < bob@thestuff.net >

Andrew Dvorak
ajd5723@AOL Instant Messenger

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