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Re: concensus on removing TeX and Emacs from standard

On Fri, Dec 31, 1999 at 11:08:49PM +0100, Magnus Danielson wrote:
> From: Bud Rogers <budr@sirinet.net>
> Subject: Re: concensus on removing TeX and Emacs from standard
> Date: 31 Dec 1999 14:25:47 -0600
> > Magnus Danielson <cfmd@swipnet.se> writes:
> > 
> > > It's only in American English which 1 billion means 1000 milions, so there is
> > > a real diffrence in which Debian can't overbridge. The only possibility would
> > > be to have Americans learn propper English (OK, flamebate, but so what) ;)
> > 
> > Magnus, I think you're absolutely right.  But it's probably a lost cause.
> > Just one Amurkin's opinion...
> I know that, but it was my humoristic punshline to point out that the diffrence
> is there and real an that there is not much we can do anything about it...
> regardless of what is wise from an administrative view. Consider what would
> happend if we dropped french, since english is such a great language ;)

Hey !
I hasnt been very understood (did I use another English than you ?, no matter ;-))

I'd like to see one reasonable english dictionary in Std, say ienglish, and the other :
ibritish, iamerican, iaustralian, iirishenglish, iscottenglish, ipigenglish, ipolishenglish,
ichinessenglish etc. in Opt

And Im asking again if korn shell is so widely used to put it to Std.
I think Opt is reasonable place for it.

Happy new year 19:0

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