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Re: ITP: debwrap

At Sat, 01 Jan 2000 05:56:29 +0900,
Noka/Omoikane <noka@omoikane.co.jp> wrote:

> And who has the right to decide/judge debwrap's hacks ugly?

At least, debwrap's way is not a good solution in the future scope.
A configuration interface such as debconf is more beautiful than
the way to check stdin.

> Give debwrap's ITPer a chance of a freedom to hack and to

ITP means 'Intent to pacakge', not 'Intent to upload'.
Why has debwrap aleady been duploaded into Incoming?

> 1. debwrap may give some help to a lot of system admins who
>    install and take care of a lot of machines at once.

Can debwrap do the following?

* If there is no configuration database about a question,
  then ask it from a user and store the answer in 
  post/pre-installation time. I mean something like answer generator.

If it can, debwrap may be quite useful **now** for an administrator
of many machines by making any kind of sets of answers like
dpkg --get-selections.

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