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Re: ITP: debwrap

Noka/Omoikane <noka@omoikane.co.jp> writes:

> Joey Hess wrote:
> > 
> > Noka/Omoikane wrote:
> > > Ok. So can debconf currently and already achive well enough
> > > the following debwrap's intention?
> > 
> > No, but it will let us do it in the future, without ugly hacks.
> Ok. So when the future?
> And who has the right to decide/judge debwrap's hacks ugly?
> And have you read the debwrap's source? Is that ugly?

IMO the idea of debwrap, not the source code, is an ugly hack.  Trying
to be too compatible always leads to an dirty hack.  Debwrap just
wraps the problematic packages; the better solution is to fix the

> Give debwrap's ITPer a chance of a freedom to hack and to
> resolve his problem because of;
> 1. debwrap may give some help to a lot of system admins who
>    install and take care of a lot of machines at once.
> 2. debwrap may give no influence to debconf and its efforts.

Well, of course debwrap may be useful for now.

Changwoo Ryu

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