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Re: /sbin and /usr/sbin be in a normal user's path ?! What about Sudo ?

On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 02:52:27AM +0100, Olivier Lemaire wrote:
> I effectively disagree the idea of symlinks. Why don't we make a sudo package 
> included in the base install ?
> I mean a "debian-customised" package who should be integrated in the
> base system . Eventually, like shadows passwords are included . 

I guess u missed the topic here:

a) traceroute is in /sbin  (traceroute6 is in /usr/bin)
b) normal users can execute /usr/sbin/traceroute (since it IS suid root)
c) normal users need to put /usr/sbin in their path to execute this program
d) FHS recommends to put in sbin only programs a normal (non admin) user
   dont want to use


e) our recommended solution wold be to install traceroute in bin (i already
repored that as an error half year ago)


f) our recommended solution would break scripts which use a hardwired
/usr/sbin to traceroute


g) our solution to this would be to move traceroute AND leave a symlink from
the old location pointing to the newe one

I dont see what sudo has to do with that

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