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/sbin and /usr/sbin be in a normal user's path ?! What about Sudo ?

Greetings :)

I saw in the DWN :
"Should /sbin and /usr/sbin be in a normal user's path so they can
easily run traceroute and other similar programs? It seems that many
people [13]make this change when installing Debian. Since the [14]FHS
says that "users should not have to place any of the sbin directories
in their path", people seem to agree that the real problem is that
traceroute and some other programs do not belong in sbin in the first
place. But just how to fix this without breaking things that expect to
find these programs in sbin is still under discussion; symlinks would
seem to be the easy solution but some people [15]dislike that idea."

I effectively disagree the idea of symlinks. Why don't we make a sudo package included in the base install ?
I mean a "debian-customised" package who should be integrated in the base system . Eventually, like shadows
passwords are included . 
I think this way (like the OpenBSD way :) is perhap's better :)

Olivier Lemaire 

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