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/bin & /sbin in a user PATH and use of sudo

> Hi
> > I saw in the DWN :
> > "Should /sbin and /usr/sbin be in a normal user's path so they can
> > easily run traceroute [...]
> >
> > [..] Why don't we make a
> > sudo package included in the base install ?
> It may be my fault but I don't see what sudo has to do with this
> issue. Could you please explain?

Well, if sudo was included in the base install, with a minimal add-on configuration,
it should be possible to make some user access freely to administrative command (perhaps using a special group like wheel...).
And, if i'm not wrong, sudo accept the PATH env variable in its config file to impose a "sane" PATH while using sudo.

is'nt it a good way to do the job ?

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