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Re: your mail

On Tue, Dec 28, 1999 at 07:38:10PM -0600, Pat Dey Olson wrote:
> Will your system work on a Toshiba 4005cds ?

Probably.  We can't know exactly which systems might have small problems
when operating with Debian, but the Toshibas are generally known to be
supported (AFAICR anyway..)

With slink you might need the tecra flavor of boot disks which have a
kernel that works around a bug found on some Toshiba and other notebooks,
though this is apparently no longer the case if you install potato.

Potato is considered still to be in active development and may contain
unforseen bugs.  I _THINK_ there is a debian-laptop or similar list which
you can ask about specific problems should you have any, you'll have to
check the web page.  If I am wrong (I might just be since I have only
desktop machines and we have a _LOT_ of lists!) debian-user might be able
to help.

Good luck with Debian!

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years and a thousand crates of Jolt cola.
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