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Packages referenced but missing from the archive

I went and grabbed all the Packages files for all the distributions
I know of (main, contrib, non-free, non-us/main, non-us/contrib, 
non-us/non-free), and went and checked wether all the dependencies
can be satisfied. As it turns out, there are many packages referencing
other non-existant packages.

Should I file bugs and if so, what type?

fortify => fotify-win32
fvwmconf => fvwm2  (yes! fvwm2 doesn't exist)
kernel-source-* => gas (there is no gas package)
gstep-{base,base-dbg,xgps} are all not there
jdk1.2{,-native} don't exist
cocoon => lib-openxml-java
alsaplayer-alsa (and others) => libasound0 (there is a libasound0.4)
macgate => libatalk1
dome => libg++2.8.2
bigloo => libgc4-dev
sane-gimp1.1 => libgimp1.1.10 (there are libgimp1 and libgimp1.1.13)
libmsql2 referenced from many places
snmptraplogd => libsnmp3.6 (there is libsnmp4.0)
libstdc++2.9 in many places (we have libstdc++2.9-glibc2.1 and
yiff-utils => libyiff2
dbf2mysql => mysql-base
pinepgp => pgp5 (maybe pgp5i?)
A few places reference qt1g (should be libqt1g)
emacsspeak mentions many tclx packages which do not exist
nasm-mode and python-elisp reference xemacs19 (we have xemacs20 and 21)



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