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[RFC] Suggestion for package ordering

Actually, two.

First, there is a package popularity contest package. This needs to
be improved to the point where normal people can install it. Then,
when it comes to making the CDs, start from the most popular and
go down the list until the CD is full, then start on the next one.

With any luck this will mean that 99% of people will be satisfied
with whatever is on the first CD.

Second, I guess the apt cdrom code needs to realise what CD
packages are on and make some choices, possibly even going
to the extent of copying .debs from the cdrom to the hard disk
if you know you will need them soon in the installtion.

A simpler solution would be to seperate the packages into ones
which are depended on and ones which aren't (say leaf and non-leaf
packages). This would basically guarentee a maximum of one CD
swap, though it would conflict with the first suggestion.

Of course, this only helps if all the non-leaf packages fit on one

Confession: On all the Debian machines that have the disk space, I
dd the CD images onto the hard disk to avoid this problem altogether.


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