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Re: What is required to provide lpr?

On Thu, Dec 23, 1999 at 07:21:57PM -0600, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> I have had a wishlist bug filed against cupsys-bsd, asking that it
> Provide lpr; evidently, some other packages Recommend lpr, and apt
> keeps trying to replace cupsys-bsd and replace it with lpr.  AFAIK,
> the packages only use the command-line utilities, and cupsys-bsd is
> sufficient for this.
> I am a bit uncomfortable with this, though, since cupsys-bsd only
> provides BSD-compatible command line tools and not a full-fledged lpd
> service.

Unless someone points out an example to the contrary, I would take a
dependency (recommendation, suggestion) on lpr to mean a dependency on
the lpr client program.  So if cupsys-bsd provides that, I think you're
justified in providing: lpr.

If someone turns up a program that wants to talk to lpd directly,
perhaps the best solution is to create an lpd virtual package which the
lpr and lprng packages can provide.  It might also be necessary or
useful to manage the lpr client bienary as an alternative, so that both
lpr and cupsys-bsd could be installed (if this is in fact a reasonable
thing to want).


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