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Re: Quake is GPL

On Fri, 24 Dec 1999, Nils Jeppe wrote:

> On Fri, 24 Dec 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > I suspect that the part of Quake that the German authorities have a
> > problem with are the data files, not the game engine itself.
> Yes; but Doom is banned too, and lxdoom and quake do include data files in
> the shareware versions, right? These afaik (I am not a lawayer) are banned
> too.

The data files are in the doom-wad-shareware package.  But, in essence,
you are correct.

> > OTOH, we do need a "Banned-In" control field for packages, so we can
> > assist governments in their Quixotic endeavor to control the hearts
> > and minds of their citizens.
> I don't know, after seeing the clouds of blood and gore in Quake III, I
> agree that it is really at least a "not before the age of 16" or even 18
> game. NOT something I'd want my (hypotetical) kids to play for christmas.

I'll let that one drop, since it's not a technical issue, and we're here
to solve tecnical issues.

> We probably should at least put a big disclaimer on the packages. Is it
> possible to get a prompt when you SELECT a package which states "this
> package is banned in country xyz; by installing it you may be in violation
> of local law" blah blah?

Not without modifying our tools.  Could be worth doing, though.

> I guess this is a case for the debian legal department ;)
> Or maybe create a series "banned in some places"[1] or something. I mean
> afterall for example someone could create a game which includes excessive
> nudity or other questionable topics that are perfectly acceptable in some
> places/Societies, but banned in others.

> [1] Or called it "armed and dangerous". Or "Things your government doesn't
> want you to see". ;)

I vote for a new section called 'doubleplusbad'.

If it wasn't non-free, I'd suggest we pipe al the package descriptions in
the section through newspeak too...


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