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Re: Making Debian packages cross-compiler ready!

I don't know much about powerpc, but why don't you provide fp emulation in the
kernel itself? Then there will be no need for another port.
Linux works like that on i386 processor without fp coproccessor (i387).
Apologize if I'm definitely wrong.

Raphael Bossek wrote:
> hi Debian folks,
> i intent to do a new architecture support for Debian that supports the
> embedded versions of powerpc's that do not have for instance a fpu. this
> systems do not heve the cpu power or resources like a x86 or ALPHA have
> so compiling packages on this systems in most cases inpossible or take
> a long time too long get all 4500 debian packages compiled. i would like
> to have a cross-compiler support in the debian packages by default so 
> i can specify extra gcc options or define the name of gcc or other
> binutils for instance like the linux kernel Makefile it does. are there
> any kind of idears how i this problem can be solved?
> i'm working at the moment on a port of linux for the mpc823e and would need
> some of the software packages Debian offer but they are pre-compiled for
> the wrong architecture :-( so i started to do it by hand, horrible!
> creating a working cross-compiler + libc6 environment is a journey too :-) i
> intend to use my x86 system to compile for the 823 system and perhaps sometimes
> in the future use the Debian build-daemon to do it in background...
> i found that the glibc/libc6 package have allready first steps in this
> directions on the other hand the gcc package is not cross-compile ready :-(
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