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Making Debian packages cross-compiler ready!

hi Debian folks,

i intent to do a new architecture support for Debian that supports the
embedded versions of powerpc's that do not have for instance a fpu. this
systems do not heve the cpu power or resources like a x86 or ALPHA have
so compiling packages on this systems in most cases inpossible or take
a long time too long get all 4500 debian packages compiled. i would like
to have a cross-compiler support in the debian packages by default so 
i can specify extra gcc options or define the name of gcc or other
binutils for instance like the linux kernel Makefile it does. are there
any kind of idears how i this problem can be solved?
i'm working at the moment on a port of linux for the mpc823e and would need
some of the software packages Debian offer but they are pre-compiled for
the wrong architecture :-( so i started to do it by hand, horrible!
creating a working cross-compiler + libc6 environment is a journey too :-) i
intend to use my x86 system to compile for the 823 system and perhaps sometimes
in the future use the Debian build-daemon to do it in background...
i found that the glibc/libc6 package have allready first steps in this
directions on the other hand the gcc package is not cross-compile ready :-(

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