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What is required to provide lpr?

I maintain the cupsys* packages, which provide the Common UNIX
Printing System, or CUPS.  (more info at www.cups.org, if you're

CUPS includes several user-level replacements for the common printing
utilities, both System V and BSD; I have packaged the BSD parts in a
separate package, cupsys-bsd.  The package is set to Conflict with
lpr, but does not (currently) Provide it, since it does not (yet)
provide a true lpd service.

I have had a wishlist bug filed against cupsys-bsd, asking that it
Provide lpr; evidently, some other packages Recommend lpr, and apt
keeps trying to replace cupsys-bsd and replace it with lpr.  AFAIK,
the packages only use the command-line utilities, and cupsys-bsd is
sufficient for this.

I am a bit uncomfortable with this, though, since cupsys-bsd only
provides BSD-compatible command line tools and not a full-fledged lpd

What do you all think?

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