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Re: ITP Heimdal (Kerberos 5)

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Lynch <jim@laney.edu> writes:

    Jim> Maybe something that works with slink is possible? And (as
    Jim> requested below) might you place results of such efforts on a
    Jim> web page somewhere?

Well... yes and no...

Yes... in that Heimdal does compile on slink, and I have it installed
here in /usr/local without any problems (apart from being slow to
compile on a 100MHz 486).

No... in that some files conflict, eg /usr/bin/telnet, and netstd
wasn't split up in slink...

webpage... Not sure where I could put it. My Internet connection here
is too slow (14.4Kbps modem) and the files aren't extremely small
either. Upstream source is 2Mb, my files are approx 1Mb (total).

I have contacted upstream source, and asked permission to package
(thought I should be polite and let them know), and for a copyright
file (currently the best info I have is the line: "Heimdal is a free
implementation of Kerberos 5"). I expect it will be a non-copyleft
type license, judging from past experience. Maybe even similar to
Kerberos 4kth, which is already in Debian.

    >> - fix kdc log file, possibly add rotation if I can find out
    >> how. Then again, rotating security information may not be such
    >> a good idea. need to think about this.

    Jim> /var/log/heimdal/*?

Currently I have /var/log/heimdal-kdc.log, as there is only one log
file that I know of.

    >> - attempt upload to potato, non-us section.

    Jim> Could you also put the packages up on a web page somewhere?
    Jim> I'm very interested. I have other news and ideas for you and
    Jim> I will be also replying to your orig message amongst others.


Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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