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Re: revisited ITP: webmin

On Thursday 9 December 1999, at 16 h 41, the keyboard of Gergely Madarasz 
<gorgo@caesar.elte.hu> wrote:

> I've posted an ITP webmin (www.webmin.com) couple of months ago, it was
> not dfsg-compliant then. Now Caldera acquired it, it is under a BSD
> license, so we can put it in main.

No. See <http://www.webmin.com/webmin/intro.html>:

Following the acquisition of Webmin by Caldera, all past and future versions of Webmin on Linux are available under the
BSD licence. This means that on the Linux platform, Webmin may be freely distributed and modified for commercial and
non-commercial use. 

On non-Linux platforms, Webmin is also freely distributable for non-commercial use. However, if you want to include it in
a non-Linux based commercial product, contact me about licencing. 

It violates DFSG #8 "License Must Not Be Specific to Debian".

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