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Re: /etc/profile should include sbin in PATH

Craig Sanders wrote:
> i guess you mean "make /sbin/ifconfig a symlink to /bin/ifconfig", and
> do the same for several other binaries...what would be the point of
> that? it would be better to leave things as they are than to have to
> manually make all those symlinks on dozens of systems.

Manually? In case you arn't aware, symlinks can be present in .deb packages.
Please justify that remark. You have only stated an opinion.

Current situation: People are forced to make local workawounds like symlinks
                   in /usr/local/bin or PATH modifications that violate the
		   FHS. We have evidence on this thread that numerous people
		   are making these types of workarounds.

Proposed solution: Adding 5 or 10 symlinks *automatically*, to a system that
		   already has thousands of symlinks in it; that in fact has
		   a minimum of 1 symlink per package that follows policy.
		   (My box here has 5561 symlinks in the debian-managed
		   portion of its filesystem.)

Those are facts. Please show me some facts to back up your argument.

see shy jo

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