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Re: Request for package: libgtkxmhtml-nognome

Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:
> However, libgtkxmhtml-dev depends on the *entire* set of GNOME
> libraries being installed, which is far too big of a requirement for
> a simple help browser:
> [deletia]

Well, that's (in theory) the development requirement, not the runtime

The runtime requirement is only moderately better, though.

> If this package could be created, I'd be very happy. :) I don't have
> enough time to maintain yet another package, so hopefully either the
> current libgtkxmhtml-dev package maintainer can package it, or
> someone else can.

I looked at the actual requirements (ldd) for libgtkxmhtml, and in
fact it doesn't depend on anything in gnome---I inherited the listings
of gnome-bin and gnome-libs-data from the prior maintainer.

I've got a *BIG* bug-hunt scheduled for gnome-libs in the days after
X-mas.  I'm working on it a little now, but won't be able to devote my
full attention until then.  At that time, I'll try and pare down the
unnecessary deps on gnome-bin and the like for this and other packages
(libart, etc.)  This will satisfy a lot of relatively-low-urgency bugs


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