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Re: Request for package: libgtkxmhtml-nognome

On Fri, Dec 17, 1999 at 01:47:17PM -0800, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
> Hi, folks. Recently, I've gotten a bug report on GIMP that it's
> missing the help browser. This is because I don't have the
> package libgtkxmhtml-dev installed, which is the widget set
> GIMP uses for its help browser.
gtkxmhtml is afaik, no longer being maintained, in favor of a new 
library gtkhtml, which is much cleaner, the new one isn't released yet,
but it only depends on libart, gtk, glib, ... no libgnome, etc 
I could be wrong on this, ask gnome-devel mailing list to get an accurate 

Frank aka Myth

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