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Re: /etc/profile should include sbin in PATH

According to Craig Sanders:
> On Sun, Dec 19, 1999 at 04:55:47PM -0800, Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> > According to Craig Sanders:
> > > Adding the sbin directories to the PATH is the minimal change with no
> > > undesirable side-effects.
> > 
> > There is one undesirable side-effect: I would get lots of programs in
> > my PATH (and hence completing on <tab>) that are of no use to me as a
> > normal user, ever.
> sbin binaries account for 487 out of 3661 executables in the path.
> big deal. if this is a problem then your system is slow enough to be
> exhibiting numerous other, more significant and more annoying delays.

It's not a speed issue for me, it's a quality-of-user-interface issue.

> it beats moving binaries from where they have been for years.

I disagree.  This is just the sort of thing symlinks are good for.
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