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Re: CD split proposal

On Fri, Dec 17, 1999 at 11:38:21AM +0100, Michael Piefel wrote :
> On 16/12/99 at 22:14:46, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > DVD is not a practical option until DVD-R units are less than $500
> > U.S.  Of course, at our current release rate, woody should be out
> > around the time DVD becomes obsolete ;-)
> What do you mean by "DVD-R unit"? A simple DVD reading drive costs less than
> DM 300 (even as a SCSI device), and that's a lot less than $500.

Yes, for reading DVD. But burning them is important, with the price of DVD 
burners and DVD, I don't think cheapbytes will sell Debian DVD at 10 $. 
And there is lots of people with 486 and pentium with only a CD-ROM, and
no plan to buy a DVD drive.

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