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Re: Debian on a 386? Unlikely. (was: ramblings about old hardware, gzip, bz2, and pentium opts)

On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 04:52:32AM -0800, Nick Moffitt wrote:
> Quoting Radovan Garabik:
> > using debian potato on 386SX/4MB RAM, 80 MB HDD upgrading takes
> > _forever_
> 	As we like to say here in San Francisco, "My, but that's a
> mighty fine router you got, there!  So, where's your computer?"

Well, it is not a router.. it is a workstation :-)
A friend of mine acquired it together with a laboratory - it was the only 
computer there, he then got some weird network card and was unable to
connect to ethernet under DOS, so I instaled there linux...
It runs suprisingly well, he is using it for (z)icq-ing, telnetting,
ssh-ing, lynx-ing etc.. he even tried X once[1], but as it takes too much
diskspace, he later deleted it. (vncviewer runs nicely there)
Of course, there are some optimalizations (/bin/sh -> ash, cut-down kernel, 
no unnecessary daemon etc...)

His only complaint is about the speed of dselect...

[1] according to his own words, when he started X window from remote
computer (his was just an X-server), the speed was acceptable.

> 	You're a stronger man than I, Radovan.  

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