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Re: Mounting an iso9660 image in a file

At 09 Dec 1999 09:30:06 -0600,
Douglas Bates <bates@stat.wisc.edu> wrote:

> I seem to recall that I can mount the file that contains the iso9660
> image read-only using a loopback but I can't recall the details.  I
> have looked for this in some of the documentation for the slink-cd
> package without luck.
> Could someone please remind me how to mount a file containing an image
> of a iso9660 file system?  I want to check that the slink[12]-i386.raw
> files do in fact contain the files I expect.

First, make sure you already have loop device (in /proc/devices) and
iso9660 filesystem (in /proc/filesystems).  If not, run `modprobe loop'
and `modprobe iso9660' respectively to install modules.

 # mount slink1-i386.raw /mnt -t iso9660 -o loop

You can see file in images under /mnt.

Fumitoshi UKAI

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