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Re: freedomization task list [was: Re: Dangerous precedent being

    It might just be simpler for everybody to talk to UW about it.  Life would
    be much easier if they just BSD'd it or put it under Artistic (yuk) or

If you want to propose alternative license, why suggest two flawed
ones?  The BSD license is bad because of the BSD advertising clause,
and the Artisic license is even worse: it's vague in crucial ways, so
there is no way to be sure whether it qualifies as a free software

When you want to suggest a non-copyleft free software license for
someone to use, please suggest the X11 license.  That is problem-free.
(Please don't refer to the X11 license as "BSD" or "BSD-like", because
that encourages people to use the BSD license instead.)

Unfortunately, where PINE is concerned, this is probably hopeless.
The FSF negotiated with them for over a year trying to do exactly

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