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Re: freedomization task list [was: Re: Dangerous precedent being

On 06-Dec-99 Caspian wrote:

> Unless they're nearly-identical clones of PICO and pine, that won't cut
> it. There are whole droves of GNU/Linux users-- myself, unfortunately,
> included-- who grew up on pico and PINE, know them inside and out, and
> don't want to learn another editor or mailer. The simple, lazy-hacker's
> solution is to clone them.

I think that pico is more easily clonable than pine, isn't it? 
I understand the situation, I grew up on pico and pine, but I switched to emacs
and I'm switching to mutt. :)

Pine is not too bad, but, when you try a powerful client, you realize that is
not perfect.

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