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FW: Open CASCADE Announce


The following announcement was sent to Debian-Press.  This is of little
interest to us, unless there is someone who wants to investigate Open
CASCADE to see if its licensing is DFSG compliant, and if it would serve
some useful purpose to our users.

Anyone interested?



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From: info@ocare.com [mailto:info@ocare.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 5:42 AM
To: press@debian.org
Subject: Open CASCADE Announce

Open CASCADE : A new step forward for freedom !

Les Ulis, France - December 7, 1999 - Contributing to the current trend
towards Open Source software, MATRA DATAVISION  announced today via an
international multi media campaign the adoption of an Open Source strategy
its software CAS.CADE, the development of which cost 75 millions dollars.
CASCADE  will be available under the Open CASCADE MATRA DATAVISION public
license (MDPL).

MATRA DATAVISION will  guarantee Open CASCADE's quality and longevity :
participation and interest of the Open Source community are key factors,
will lead this new approach to success. 

MATRA DATAVISION's Open CASCADE  developers team will go on adding new
functions and will improve product performances. Therefore it will
to community efforts and will test and integrate all the innovations brought
by developers motivated by this project.
(Open CASCADE Web Site: http://www.opencascade.org)

MATRA DATAVISION believes that a company's true worth does not lie in the
software it owns  but in the value-added services it provides around this
software to its customers. 

OPEN CARE participate in  this project because OPEN CARE believes the Open
CASCADE initiative  is a great contribution to the Open Source realm and
because it corresponds to the philosophy we all defend. 

About Open CASCADE
Open CASCADE is based on the CAS.CADE technology and features a wide array
components for geometric application development, such as geometry,
visualization and data exchange. A Rapid Application Development Framework
also provided in open source to help developers in structuring their data
storing non-geometric attributes. The new Open CASCADE version includes many
enhancements and innovations, such as interfaces that allow exchange of
with CAD systems, advanced components for surface design, and reverse
engineering. Today the CAS.CADE installed base includes 130 active
using 250 development licenses and 1,500 run-time licenses worldwide.
and Open CASCADE are registered trademarks of MATRA DATAVISION.
To learn more about Open CASCADE, see http://www.opencascade.com and
http://www.opencascade.org. For questions on Open CASCADE, e-mail to

MATRA DATAVISION is a leading international supplier of engineering
and services to companies looking for competitive advantage from continuous
improvement of design-to-manufacturing processes.

A wholly owned subsidiary of AEROSPATIALE MATRA, Europe's second largest
aeronautics/defense group, Matra Datavision supports over 6,000 customers
worldwide, with sales and service teams based principally in Europe and
America. MATRA DATAVISION solutions address the needs of companies of all
sizes, primarily in the automotive, aerospace and defense, general
manufacturing and machinery, consumer product and electromechanical

MATRA DATAVISION offers customers a comprehensive range of engineering
services designed to help them implement, deploy and profit from end-to-end
engineering solutions. This service portfolio includes consulting,
and implementation, education, and engineering services. Matra Datavision is
certified ISO 9001 for software engineering. For more information on Matra
Datavision, see http://www.matra-datavision.com.

OPEN CARE is the first company to provide a complete solution for Open
technical support, consulting and product certification. The OPEN CARE
is to help companies by facilitating the integration, deployment and
utilization of Open Source products. (Web Site http://www.ocare.com)

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