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potato NIS on NFS-Root


Has anyone got NIS to work on a NFS-Root computer?

When I upgraded a potato NFS-Root image to the latest version, something
broke, and now ypbind always complains that a copy is already running.
It quotes a PID of a non-existant process.

(actually I am a bit out-of-date, since I removed NIS as a file
conflicts with the hostname package - but there are already a number of
bugs reports on this).

I seem to remember the same problem occuring with an earlier version
of NIS. I filed bug report #48628 against it, but the maintainer seems
unable to identify the problem (then again, my reply isn't in the bug
tracking system - better check on that).

This problem makes NIS quite unusable for me :-(
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>

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