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Re: Package wanted: lightflow (non-free)

On Thu, Nov 25, 1999 at 01:23:31PM +0100, Marcelo Magallon wrote:
 > Hi,
 > 	is someone interested in packaging lightflow[1]?  It's an
 > impressive renderer, but has an even-worse-than-non-free license.
 > Whoever gets the author to change the license to something that can be
 > put _at least_ in non-free, gets my gratitude.  Whoever gets him to
 > change the license to something free, well, words aren't enough...

I'm trying to do it :-)

 > I think the current license is due to the fact that the software _is_
 > impressive (blows away Softimage, Wavefront and the like, alas, this
 > is no modeller) and the author knows it.  You've been warned.
 > (The author is 20 and italian and it looks like he likes Linux, maybe
 > some of the italian developers can get in touch with him...)

His brother works with me at PROSA, so we are trying hard
to convince him to free the software. He plan anyway, to
release a debian package of it (even if it will remain non-free).


PS> Yes, it's true, it is an impressive renderer
Davide Barbieri 
paci@prosa.it   - http://www.prosa.it/   - commercial opensource support
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