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Re: ITP: icecast

"Ivan E. Moore II" <rkrusty@tdyc.com> writes:
> What I mean is back in August Michael put it up for adoption and 
> of the people who asked for it (2 people) Johnie Ingram got it.  
> Johnie (as last I heard) is the maintainer of icecast. He had told me that
> he was going to upload new packages a while back but I don't think he got
> to doing it.

Itai contacted me about it a couple of weeks later, I told him to ask
Johnie, who often has a lot on his plate, Johnie said he was too busy
and ceded it to Itai.

It then got stalled because I've been _swamped_ and Itai was not yet a
maintainer, and I dropped the ball on sponsoring him.  Fortunately, my
bogosity seems not to have deterred him. :-)


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