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Re: ITP: Debian History

> and no package should go extra without some prior thinking about
> if it really should
> and the only doc that should go to extra is doc describing extra package
> (this is what we have now really. dont change it)

Not true.

I might agree that there are packages in extra that don't belong in extra,
and that there are packages outside of extra that should be in extra.

But look:

          (In a sense everything is optional that isn't required, but
          that's not what is meant here.) This is all the software that you
          might reasonably want to install if you didn't know what it was
          or don't have specialized requirements. This is a much larger
          system and includes the X Window System, a full TeX distribution,
          and many applications.

This does not mean a package that you will blindly install, find three
months later and think "Ooh, neat," which is about as important as
a history document.  Do you expect the average user to reasonably want
to install a document about Debian's history?

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