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Re: Is anyone else getting mail after it goes through a PMDF machine? (was: Odd mail package involved?)

e4k3l9lb@umail.corel.com (Zygo Blaxell) writes:

> Just to be paranoid, I'm now explicitly stripping any \r characters found
> on line endings in outgoing messages through the mng mailing list <-> news
> gateway software.  They might be coming from the 'sn' NNTP daemon.
> I'm sending this via debian-devel and to Daniel directly.  
> If this message as filtered through debian-devel still exhibits the
> problem, then I have some serious debugging to do.  Somewhere.
> Hopefully the trailing dot at the end of every article is gone too.
> Just to be sure, here's some tests:

Well, as NNTP uses CR/LF for line endings, and so does SMTP, you ought
to be fine, unless your mail gateway gets news through a TCP
connection and sends mail by calling sendmail (or similar) via the
command line, and not through a tcp connection to port 25; for details
see the exim man page about the "dropcr" option.

But there's something weirder still going on.

The header-loss that was happening before (with all the extra blank
lines) has been fixed.  HOWEVER, the copy sent directly to me and
through debian-devel differ in that the one sent through debian devel
was missing the "tests": the mail sent directly to me ended with:

> Just to be sure, here's some tests:
> .
> . dot 
> ..
> .. dot dot 

And then it had a signature about Corel.  Something isn't behaving
properly somewhere.  On the very slim chance it's Debian, this message 
contains one more paragraph after this one; if it's missing, there's a 
problem with Debian's mailers.


There.  Now, since this paragraph is visible, it's not Debian's

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