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Re: Source build dependencies?

On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 11:57:22PM +0000, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> > I would like to have blt build two packages,
> Why not blt8.2 and blt8.0?


> What is the difference between compiling for tk8.2 and tk8.0?  Is it
> just part of an gcc/ld command or is there significantly more?  Is it
> a configure option?

the development package for tk8.2 and tk8.0 conflict, and you cannot have
both in the system at the same time. However, it makes no difference to blt
package source. Just
dpkg --install tk8.2-dev tcl8.2-dev
dpkg --remove tk8.2-dev tcl8.2-dev
dpkg --install tk8.0-dev tcl8.0-dev

> Whichever, I would strongly suggest having only one source package and
> a debian/rules file which does something along the lines of:
> build-8.0: # Whatever you need to do to build it against tk8.0
>            ./configure --prefix=/usr \
>              --with-tk-library-path=/usr/lib/libtk8.0.so
>            $(MAKE) all
>            touch build.stamp.8.0

However, as the tk-dev packages conflict, I would have to use dpkg, which
needs to be done as root, and up until now I have just used fakeroot like
just about every other maintainer. This does not seem like a good move...

> > (2) How can I make a source dependency so that a package must be built using
> >     tk8.0, and another using tk8.2? Sure, I can do this for myself by hand
> >     but when an autobuilder picks it up (eg for m68k architectures) how
> >     is it going to know which of tk8.0-dev or tk8.2-dev to have loaded before
> >     compiling?
> Let it depend on both.

There are no source dependencies in the debian standard, and if you include them
lintian complains that these are unknown fields in that point in the control
file. You can have binary dependencies, but does autobuild systems take these
into account when building from source? It doesn't seem likely, as the
parts which specify tk8.2-dev and tk8.0-dev dependencies would conflict...
> tk8.0-dev and tk8.2-dev do not conflict.  Have the control file
> specify both.

They do conflict. They conflict with anything supplying tk-dev,
and they both provide that...

> I'm not quite sure what you want to do.  The tk libraries have
> different names and can both be present.  Let your libraries have
> different names too, if you would like.

This is different library naming from all other distributions of blt. I have
been advised previously that debian should not have its own library naming

> Or have the blt8.0/blt8.2
> packages conflict and call the library libbltk in both cases.
> Whichever you want.

If they conflict then a package which uses one library and a package which uses
the other cannot be installed simultaneously for no good reason other than
both libraries have the same name.

> HTH,
>    Julian

Gordon Russell
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