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Source build dependencies?

I would like to have blt build two packages,
 - blt (with a library linked against tk8.2)
 - blt8.0 (with a library linked against tk8.0)
Some people want blt linked against the newest tk library (which results
in an unstable blt library), while others want it liked to tk8.0 (which
results in a quite usable and stable library)...

(1) If I split this into two different source packages, the ftp site will have
    two 1.5 MByte source archives containing 99.9% the same files. Can I
    share a source file between multiple packages and thus produce two
    different diff trees, one for one set of packages and one for another?
(2) How can I make a source dependency so that a package must be built using
    tk8.0, and another using tk8.2? Sure, I can do this for myself by hand
    but when an autobuilder picks it up (eg for m68k architectures) how
    is it going to know which of tk8.0-dev or tk8.2-dev to have loaded before
(3) I would prefer all the blt packages to be built from a single control
    file - but I would have to unload tk8.0-dev and load tk8.2-dev half way
    through. The only way I can think of doing this is to have both of
    these packages in the source of the blt source archive, build them
    both and then direct blt to use them one after another... surely I am
    missing something?
(4) Is it possible to have two libraries with exactly the same name, but
    selecting the one you want dynamically at library load time depending
    on whether tk8.0 or tk8.2 is loaded? I take it not, which means the
    libraries will have to have different names...

All suggestions appreciated...

Gordon Russell
PGP Public Key - http://www.dcs.napier.ac.uk/~gor/pgpkey.txt

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