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Re: Preparing the Release / Freezing potato

Alexander Koch <efraim@really.argh.org> writes:

> On Sat, 30 October 1999 18:13:47 -0400, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> >   Martin> Therefore I propose to postpone the freeze (and the release) for at
> >   Martin> least two months, hoping to get the FHS issue, Incoming and
> >   Martin> boot-floppies resolved.
> > 
> > I disagree. I prefer a firm deadline _soon_ to kick our butts into motion. Or
> > else we might still plan for a release in 2007.
> I agree with Dirk here.

I think that deadlines are useful, too. But the form proposed by Joey
is the right way. An early freeze date doesn't mean an early release
date. E.g. if we need two month to prepare functional boot floppies,
we are only able to release in two month, regardless of a the freeze
deadline. So the right way is, as Joey proposed, to postpone the
freeze date until all major release critical issues are solved. This
would enable us to shorten the real freeze time and deliver up to date
software with our next release.


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