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Re: Intent package mule2 and custom-mule (Important for emacs (lisp) package maintainers)

>>>>> On Wed, 20 Oct 1999 01:08:00 +0900
>>>>> "TK" == Takao KAWAMURA <kawamura@debian.org> wrote...

>> What do you think about emacs19? emacs19 is old and obsolate editor, isn't it?
TK> Yes.  I think emacs19 should be removed from Debian in the
TK> future.  However it exists now.  Having a *new* obsolete
TK> editor is another thing.

emacs19 is light weight than emacs20, xemacs20 and xemacs21.
And many people need this.
We should not be throw away it even so it's just obsolete.

>> Anyway, without mule2, current situation is very incovenient
>> for many many Japanese users except SKK users such as you and me.
>> Could you propose another best solution before potato freeze?

TK> Can you merge a patch for Japanese input supports into
TK> emacs20? If the maintainer of emacs20 will refuse to do,
TK> there will be some chance of forking.  It is better than
TK> mule2.

Yes, I see. But, do you know the story of working merge patches for FSF
Emacs? I heard that, RMS refusing Japanese IM patches or so and no longer
merge into FSF Emacs. (The working start since long time ago.)
Emacs20 dose not support all Mule features.

And, Mule2(and Emacs19) have just light weight for poor machines even
if all patches was merged into Emacs20.


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