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Intent package mule2 and custom-mule (Important for emacs (lisp) package maintainers)


 I intent to package "mule2" which is Mule2.3 based on Emacs19.
Mule is MULtilingual Enhancement to GNU Emacs.
 About Mule, please see <URL:http://www.m17n.org/mule/>.

 And intent to one more package "custom-mule" which is same as "custom" package
but applied patch for Mule2.3. (cannot share with emacs19).

 And I suggest yet another emacsen FLAVOR "mule2".
emacsen-common and Debian emacsen policy sould be support "mule2" as
emacsen FLAVOR, when mule2.deb released.
 for examples, 
  ... or so.

 Please support "mule2" as emacsen flavor with your elisp package
 when mule2.deb released.
 mule2 is same as emacs19 basically. This mean, if work on emacs19,
 it will work on also mule2 maybe.
 If Depending on custom, please change to "Depends: custom|custom-mule".

* Package informations *
 Source: mule2
 Section: editors
 Priority: optional

 Package: mule2-plain
 Provides: info-browser, mail-reader, news-reader, emacsen, mule2
 Description: MULtilingual Enhancement to GNU Emacs. (plain binary)
  GNU Emacs is the extensible self-documenting text editor.
  Mule is MULtilingual Enhancement to GNU Emacs.

  I will build also mule2-bin(common binaries for mule2)
 mule2-support, mule2-supportel, mule2-canna(canna input method support),
 mule2-wnn(wnn input method support) and mule2-canna-wnn(both support).
 (It's same as XEmacs21 packaging style)

 Source: custom-mule
 Section: editors
 Priority: optional

 Package: custom-mule
 Depends: mule2
 Description: Tools for declaring and initializing options for Mule2
  The Custom Library is intended for use by emacs lisp programmers who
  want to make their emacs packages easily customizable. It allows the
  programmer to
    declare the type for each user option, i.e. specify the set of
    legal values for each variable,
    specify and initialize the faces used by the package, and
    organize the user options into groups and hierarchies.
  The user will then be able to customize the user options through a
  helpful structured interface that resembles the property editor in
  modern GUI programs.
  This package applied patch for Mule2.3@19.34 (cannot use for emacs19)


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