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Re: Poor failure recovery

It's silly to have two source packages for a single package in the
archive.  Far better would be to have the maintainer generate the
static bins.  There is nothing that says that the static bins must be
in the same packages as the dynamic ones.  People can choose whether
or not to have them.

Steve Lamb <morpheus@rpglink.com> writes:

> Tuesday, October 19, 1999, 11:08:25 AM, John wrote:
> > Presumably the maintainers of said programs should be the ones to do
> > that, not I.
>     No, because if they did it then it would be against the wishes of people
> who do not want statically linked programs all over the place.  If you want
> them, you build them and offer it as a *new* package, not as a replacement for
> the current packages which many people are quite happy with.
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