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Re: slink -> potato

On Fri, Oct 15, 1999 at 12:59:36AM -0700, Yves Arrouye wrote:
> It would be nice if apt-get would be smart enough, when you don't
> have enough space, to download in chunks, erasing the .deb between
> downloads. I'm sure there's a way for it to choose what to get so that
> dependencies are respected.

anything like this would have to be optional...i *like* the fact that
you can make apt-get download all packages without installing, and then
install them later. that means that it's safe to leave it downloading
packages overnight - nothing will be upgraded until i manually start it
in the morning.

> Today, if you get slink and then update to potato, you need a huge
> /var/cache/apt/ and non-server systems don't usually want to have a
> big /var, just for that.

symlink /var/cache/apt to somewhere else that has heaps of space.

	cd /var/cache
	mv apt apt.old
	mkdir /home/apt
	ln -s /home/apt .

this doesn't solve the problem, it just moves it.

if you don't have enough space on any partition then you don't have
much choice but to do the upgrade by hand. 

first run "apt-get -s {dselect,dist,}-upgrade" to get an idea of the
correct install order and then run "apt-get install p1 p2 p3 ... pN",
"rm -f /var/cache/apt/archives/*", "apt-get install pN+1 pN+2 ... pX"
unti it's done.


craig sanders

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