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Re: New dpkg upload - please test!

On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 11:20:54AM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> BTW we do have console-apt, it's just not tested enough yet and
> probably missing some features...

i must admit i find it very confusing when i run it. the man page says
that the ? key will bring up a full list of key bindings, but it doesn't
work.  I could probably figure out how it works just by trying random
keys (which is what i usually do with new software) but i'm reluctant to
risk any damage to my /var/lib/dpkg/status file...it's too important for
learning by trial and error.

i don't even know if it touches the status file or not - that's not
documented...but i'm not willing to risk it.

^C is the way out.  followed by 'stty sane' and 'reset'.

also, i like the fact that dselect shows all New packages at the top
of the list so i only have to go through it until i get past them.
apt-console doesn't seem to have that feature (although i could be
wrong...it's hard to tell since there's very little documentation).

i would consider this to be an ESSENTIAL feature for any dselect

i also like the fact that with dselect, i can select all the packages
i want to install and then quit to the command line and run "apt-get
-d dselect-upgrade". apt will then download all the upgraded packages
overnight while i sleep but wont install any until i get back and type
"apt-get dselect-upgrade".

i'm not sure if console-apt supports this or not. again, it's an
essential feature.

dselect may have a lot of flaws, but it's got a lot of good things going
for it too. once you get used to it, it is very simple and easy to

IMO, console-apt is at the stage of showing a lot of promise. it needs a
lot of work before we can replace dselect with it.

i've got no objection at all to console-apt being included in base, but
i strongly object to the removal of dselect...at least until console-apt
can do everything that dselect can do, and until it is documented

> > Recommends is evil. it should be treated exactly like Suggests, but
> > it is currently treated like a Suggests that won't take "No" for an
> > answer.
> You can still use "Q" in the "dependency conflict resolution screen"

yep, i know that fact all too well :(

> > at least, that's the way dselect currently handles it. apt just
> > ignores Recommends like it ignores Suggests....which is going to
> > break a lot of systems when dselect just vanishes after an upgrade.
> That sucks. Maybe dpkg should just have "Depends: dselect" for the
> time being...

why not just leave it in the dpkg package?


craig sanders

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